Company Profile

In 1999, BABCO ELECTRIC GROUP INC. was formed to consolidate the marketing strategies of our affiliate companies, and to change our focus globally for the 21st Century. To serve our customers better and more effectively, we have now become Systems Integrator Group.

In 1971 BABCO ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING LTD. was formed primarily as a Manufacturer of Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Enclosures for the Electrical Industry.

In 1972, we also began manufacturing and assembling Industrial Instrumentation and Control Panels relative to Electric, Electronic and Pneumatic Process Control Systems. This department has now been expanded into the High Tech Industry, such as the Integrated Variable Speed Drive Systems, Programmable Controllers and Robots.

In 1973,with the rapid growth of the Electrical Industry in North America and a great demand for Power Distribution, we began manufacturing Low and Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers and Low and High Voltage Switchgear. This made BABCO a very diversified operation, with a very broad scope of products that we can supply on the Open Market. That same year we added a Service Division to our operation, in order to give our customer the utmost in service satisfaction.

As noted in our catalogue, BABCO operates under Four Divisions or Cost Centers, namely:





In 1977, we have expanded our marketing capabilities by BABCO chasing TOSHI ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. a Distributing Company in Western Canada who sell and distribute a variety of Electrical Products, and also act as a marketing arm for BABCO. As a result of this, we can provide Our customer with a wide range of products on a consolidated basis

Since the inception of BABCO ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING LTD. in 1971, we have marketed the BABCO products on a worldwide basis.

In 1994, BABCO ELECTRIC INTERNATIONAL INC. was formed to act as a world-marketing agency for the Babco Group of Companies. This helped to serve our International Customers in a more business-like manner and to become a global supplier of electrical products.

Since 1971 we have enjoyed a steady growth in our companies and, even during the downturn of the economy, we were able to maintain our profit margin at a controllable level.

BABCO has now reached an unrealized potential level on the North American & World markets, and is looking to expand to meet these resourceful needs.

Because we have the capabilities to expand, our growth potential is unlimited and it is our endeavor to do so with a strong background of financial understanding and resourcefulness.