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Low Voltage - Switchgear

BABCO ELECTRIC GROUP Switchgear structures are ideally suited to applications calling for service entrance, substation and main or sub feeder distribution. 600 Volt - 4000 Amp to 100KA bus bracing. BABCO Switchgear is manufactured to rugged North American and European standards ( CSA/UL, ANSI, IEC ) and suited for all end uses such as: Industrial, Commercial and Utility.

This Switchgear is designed for:

Ease of service and maintenance.
  Lower maintenance cost.
  Higher interrupting ratings.
  Better coordination capability.
  Increased tripping sensitivity.
  Better metering accuracy

Higher quality and reliability.

  State of the Art monitoring and communications




  BABCO manufactures Low Voltage Switchgear 4000 Amp - 600 Volt Main Breaker Section c/w Two Four High Cells and Terminating Cubicle.

BABCO manufactures Low Voltage Switchgear c/w Integral Protection and Control Relaying with PLC Interface Cell.


Low Voltage Switchgear designed with Generator Protection Section and Mechanically Interlocked Breakers for a Standby and Power Transfer scheme.


Combination Low Voltage Switchgear and MCC manually operated and interlocked Main, Tie and Subfeeder Breakers. Extra cooling fans for severe ambient conditions.