Product Testing

BABCO ELECTRIC GROUP has some of the most extensive testing equipment in Western Canada. All electrical equipment and apparatus manufactured in our 50,000 square foot facility in Edmonton, Alberta is checked and tested before it leaves the factory floor. BABCO test equipment has extended use in the factory.

B.I.L. tester, up to 800 KV
  Dielectric tester, up to 100 KV
  Corona tester, up to 100 KV
  Heat test, 5000 Amp
  30 KA test
  200 HP Inverter load tester

Transistor, SCR and Circuit Board tester


Under our ISO-9001 Quality Control Program, our product quality and testing becomes a very important part of our daily business.

  B.I.L. Testing a 36 KV switchgear cell at a 170 KV B.I.L.
  Fully computerized B.I.L. tester with an attached system calibrator.
  Doing 19 KV Dielectric Test on 5 KV MCC.
  Corona Testing 25 KV switchgear.
  Load testing a 100 HP VFD for a Down Hole Submersible Pump application.
  200 HP Eddy Current VFD load tester.
  Heat testing 4000 Amp - 600 Volt Low Voltage Switchgear.
  Thermocouples were applied to certain areas of the switchgear to detect hot temperature.